Gigi: 'The word influencer falls short.'

Gigi Vives was born in Barcelona to an exotic mixture of Danish mother and Catalan father. She studied Marketing and Fashion Communication at IED. With over half million followers on Instagram, Gigi considers herself a multitasker, coffee addict and creative person. As she says, 'the word influencer falls short, there’s a lot more behind my Instagram profile'.

Not only does she take pictures, she has also proposed creative strategies for many brands. She has been the image for campaigns and very soon she’s launching her new project, G by Gigi. To be really happy in life she thinks it’s essential to study and pursue what you love the most.

'People don’t get to see the pressure and all the hard work behind Instagram.'

'I'm aware that after this boom of Instagram there will be something else coming.'


 'My still life photos aren’t as successful as the pictures of myself, but I’m not going to sell myself for likes.'