Teresa Colom: “We are more free than what we think”

Teresa Colom is a poetess and writer from Andorra. She got a degree in Economics Sciences by Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and worked for 9 years in a bank. 

At laagam, we admire how Teresa followed her ambition and ended up doing what she really loves. Even tough life circumstances took her to study economics; she found the value and strength to give her passion a try. 

“Sometimes due to your personal situation, you can’t do what you want when you want”

Teresa has always loved writing, but growing up she hid that part of herself. During her professional career working as a banker, she decided to participate in a poetry competition and ended up winning.

“ I realized I didn’t want my last day to come and think: Teresa you haven’t done with your time what you wanted”

“The majority of things we don’t know, but if there’s something you know for sure…do something with that information.” 

From there she started her career as a writer, left the economics world and started focusing on what actually fulfilled her leading to a successful future.