Sofia Ellar: 'If you don’t believe in your project, no one else will.'

Sofia Ellar, of Spanish origin, was born in London and is based right now in Madrid. Singer and songwriter, she is a reference for the new generations. By her own merits, her voice and lyrics have reached the top of all lists.

The Sofia Ellar project began with her University thesis:

'When I started studying I realised that there was a market gap in the music industry, so I decided to put all my efforts and execute my plan.'

In the left, Sofía is wearing our french feast blouse. On the right, our dark crêpe pants. 


After finishing university, Sofía threw herself into writing lyrics. Despite their family's advice of getting an office job, all she wanted to do was writing and singing:

'I knew that with patience and time my project was going to get ahead. If you don’t believe in your ideas, no one else will.' 


Sofia bets on the 'low-cost philosophy', the 'do it yourself' way. Her first album, Seis Peniques, was recorded with her band in a very home-made way. For her second album, Nota en Do, she continued trusting her band:

'Many artists contract professional musicians to record their albums, but we have remained together and given everything for this project. We couldn’t be happier with the result and our evolution.'


In Spain, new artists like C Tangana, Rosalía or Taburete are regenerating the musical scene and Sofía Ellar is also part of it. Even if their styles are very different, they are all targeting the same audience. 

Sofía doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into a single style. She wants to face her musical project from a different perspective: 

'I want to face it from an entrepreneurial and indie point of view, because 'indie' means independent, not just alternative'


Listen to Sofia's podcast on SoundcloudiVoxx and iTunes.