Nina Urgell: "I'm a fan of the nude woman's image; it has been a source of inspiration".

Nina Urgell is a fashion, music and photography lover based in Barcelona. Although she studied psychology at the Blanquerna University, she has been working with large luxury and fashion firms as her image while traveling around the world.

At laagam, we love the aesthetic taste she has; Nina has become her Instagram gallery into a real art gallery.

"In my Instagram profile, everything has to have coherence; I’ve tried to combine art, fashion and photography including landscapes between".

She has reached success without having to sell his own private life; she has maintained herself apart from the social media exposure only showing her professional life.

“I have never wanted to become a public figure; it is very difficult being able to transmit your personality through photography. What I have tried to share is inspirational content; communicating through images”.

Nina has an exceptional sense of romanticism in front of nude photos; she has been able to become them into natural images. She feels secure not having tabus, complexes or barriers imposed by the society.

“I support any type of naked in any kind of context. I do and wear what I love because it is my body, it is my reputation and I do not care about what others think; you can not like everyone. The important thing is loving yourself, because otherwise you cannot love others ".

"I've always done the things that I like. Everyone has to be happy with oneself”.