Mireia Ruiz: 'Women should do more networking.'

Mireia Ruiz is an artist and the Creative Director of Cocolia Studio. She also teaches creativity at IDEP Barcelona.

When she was a teenager, it was very hard for her to make a decision on what to study. She really wanted to immerse herself in the art world, but her parents weren't very supportive. 

 'For me, considering that I didn't have the support of my family, it was unreachable to express myself artistically.'

Luckily, her high-school teacher recommended her to study Graphic Design.  

Mireia is wearing our no boyfriend shirt in white. 

Mireia is a polyvalent artist, she has a lot of facets. From painting walls to creating prints for shirts and foulards, she always has a brush on her hands. She is known by the powerful use of color explosions in her paintings. When she was a child, her mum was obsessed with dressing her all color-matched. This stayed with her. That's why all the artwork she does is colorful.

'This color obsession really touched me; and it's something that I use a lot in my work. But not only me. There are many artists that nowadays follow this colorful trend. I think it's an art movement that has appeared to cheer us up from the difficult times we have passed in the last years.'

'Without Instagram I wouldn’t have started to explore my artistic side. Instagram for me is a container where I put all my artistic exercises.'

She describes herself as a feminist artist, she thinks that women today must be the role model for the next generation because equality hasn’t been achieved yet.

'We all need to feel identified with feminism, to fight for equality and help each other. For example, I felt really comfortable working with laagam. Women should do more networking as men do at 'men's clubs'; stop seeing each other as competitors and bet on women.'

Buy the canvas carré here.

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