dazz guide of New York city

Who is up for a trip to the city that never sleeps this spring?                                  
Here’s what you need to know if you are traveling to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. These tips come from Carla, our content creator who lived there for a year. 
First you should know what’s indispensable before you take the plane:
  • Dollars: actual US currency
  • English: the mother language in the state of NY
  • Documents: your Passport and an ESTA (Electronic System Travel Authorisation)
There’s plenty of places to stay in the city, here are some of our favorites:
I’m sure you’ll be hungry after such a long flight... ready for a brunch? or just a snack?
  • Pastis: a french restaurant which appears in the famous TV show ‘Sex in the City’. Located in the heart of Meatpacking district.
  • Dean and Deluca: a an American chain of upscale grocery stores. Great to have a snack when you are in a rush.
  • Magnolia Bakery: the most delicious cupcakes and pies you’ll ever try!
  • Hot dog and pretzel stand: ready to eat in a minute!
It’s time for some shopping. Where to? New York City has a vast variety of places and shops for everyone to discover, some of the best shopping areas:
  • Soho: the coolest neighborhood for the most amazing vintage and cute little stores, but also for high fashion and nice restaurants.
  • Chinatown: you’ll find the best fakes here, from bags to clothes and jewelry too.
  • 5th ave: wanna have breakfast at Tiffany’s or feel as Blair and Serena walking around the most expensive stores in town? This is your street.
In New york you’ll find stores from every type and every color… some of our favourite ones are...
  • Opening Ceremony: one of the coolest stores in Soho, the best street style brands!
  • Smorgasburg: outdoors market in Brooklyn by the Hudson River. Incredible views of NY's skyline.
  • Prada store in Soho: Prada epicenter as an exclusive boutique. Also used as a public space for performances and as a laboratory. Worth taking a look!
There are many types of food in NY, so you’ll always find a restaurant for your taste. Here’s some of my favorite places to sit and have dinner:
  • The Mercer Kitchen: located in Soho’s heart, Chef Jean-Georges' American menu features market-driven, seasonal ingredients prepared in a simple yet elegant style.
  • Lombardi's pizza: for delicious Italian food, it was the first ever pizzeria in the United States!
  • Balthazar: from the same owners as Pastis, exquisite french cuisine.
New york is known as the city that never sleeps dude to the many different activities you can do...
  • Broadway: go watch a Broadway musical and spend a magical night with your traveling mates.
  • Helicopter ride: fly over the Hudson river and NY’s skyline. Advice: for cheaper tickets book online!
  • The MoMA and Met museums:  this is a MUST for art lovers and crazy artists!
  • Empire State: get to the rooftop for the most breathtaking views of the city
  • NY Knicks: go watch the Knicks at Madison Square Garden for an afternoon full of tension and lots of fun.
  • A tour around the Bronx: get rider and a guide and drive around one of the most dangerous country in the state of NY. Do not do this alone.
Are you a party animal? Here are some cool places to go at night (Don’t forget that it’s not allowed to drink alcohol in the States if you’re under 21!)
  • Marquee Club: here you’ll find loud dj’s an awesome environment, but get ready to spend some money.
  • Provocateur: nightlife oasis offering an alluring and seductive ambiance designed by Lionel Ohayon.
  • Rooftop 93: if you are looking for a chiller plan.
  • Jimmy: glitzy Manhattan à la “Sex and the City". Recommended by Forbes and Vogue.