dazz guide of Barcelona

As born in barcelona, we always get questions from people on what to do in this city. 

So we wrote down a few tips on what to do around here.

Places to drink:

We love bar-hopping from one neighborhood to another. Our favorites:

- 33/45: in carrer Joaquín Costa, in el Raval. A really nice area to bar-hop. Don't miss El Marsella, a bar from the late years of 1800 that remains exactly the same as it was in the past.

- Pastrami bar and Paradiso: have an Aperol in el Borne and try to discover the hidden bar inside this place. Nearby, you can also visit Bar Número 9

- La Caseta del Migdia: perfect place to vermut if you are strolling around the castle of Montjuic. Views over the Mediterranean sea. 

To brunch:

After a night of bar crawling, and considering that sometimes we find ourselves dancing in Apolo or Razzmatazz until the sun rises, the best way to become a human being again is going for a brunch.

Among our favorite places to brunch in the city there are:

- Brunch and Cake: dishes and juices as colorful as delicious. 

- Federal Café in the Gothic Quarter: next to the beautiful Passatge de la Pau. Perfect dishes for brunch, but the Mac'n'cheese with apple stole my heart.

- The Juice House: veggielicious.

Things to do:

Barcelona is a city full of art. Walking in the street is like being in an open-air museum. Anyway, there are plenty of things to do.

- Visit CaixaForum (Warhol exhibition until December the 31st) and HG Gallery in front of Casa de les Punxes.

- BeConcept store: in Carrer Calvet, a concept store with a secret terrace.

- Mercat de la Princesa: a gastronomic market in the heart of el Borne with live music. 

Places to chase the golden light:

One of the things we love the most of Barcelona are the views from the heights. Some of them are closed during the winter, so check it out before going.

- Cotton House Hotel: a charming terrace full of banana trees. 

- Yurbban Hotel in Trafalgar street.

- La Dolce Vitae: the terrace of the Majestic Hotel in Passeig de Gràcia with views over the most beautiful modernist buildings.

Places to shop:

As we said before, Barcelona is an artful city. All across the city there are independent shops where you can find exclusive design and fashion items.

Among our favorite places to shop: BeConcept Store, Boto&Co in Jardinets de Gràcia, Gema Sachs next to Turó Park and Coquette, in el Born. 

Darial: a temporary store with the finest brands in Passatge del Camps Elisis. Designed by Guillermo Santomá, go find in this awesome place what they call the luxury guerrilla style. 

(By the way, we are about to open our new showroom the 14th December in Passatge Marimón 23)

Places to eat:

Eating in Barcelona is a major pleasure. 

Our picks: arrte restaurant in Eixample. Live music concerts every week and art exhibitions. 

Santa Gula, in the neighborhood of Gràcia, is perfect for having lunch or dinner. Local Mediterranean cuisine.

La Terraza Martinez is next to Montjuic. It has awesome views over the city, as breathtaking as the paella and arroz negro they cook. With no doubt one of our unmissable. 

We also recommend to have some tapas in Bar Cañete in the heart of El Raval; and have a toast with cava in La Xampanyeria, a classic spot next to Barceloneta.

For having a vermut, don't miss El Sifó d'en Garriga near Casa Lleó i Morera. 

Nice places to sleep:

- Praktik Hotel: in Rambla de Catalunya, this hotel is inside an historic building. 

- Midmost Hotel in the city centre, next to Las Ramblas.

- Margot House in Passeig de Gràcia, with views to Casa Battló.

We hope this guide helps you! Write us your feedback if you do any of our plans!