Anna Pacheco: 'Feminism still exist because we haven't reached gender equality."

Anna Pacheco is a young journalist based in Barcelona, known for her articles about social matters like feminism, racism and social classes.

At laagam we are huge fans of her articles, devouring every piece of writing she publishes in Playground. Thoughts that always make you think over, like when she went undercover at the Mobile World Congress to show how toxic masculinity is still shaping the business world.

She also collaborates with RNE4 radio program Preferències and has contributed to VICE, El Periódico and the musical fanzine Shookdown.

Anna studied Journalism at Pompeu Fabra University. She was lectured on the academical journalism where the voice of the writer is always hidden. A type of journalism she doesn’t agree with and she, as a new voice of our generation, is transforming quickly.

Her way of writing is clear and concise, she never hides.

“Journalism must be politically committed because nowadays there is no impartial press. Every media has an ideology and we even read them to reaffirm ourselves. That’s why I think journalism must be political: because there are things we shouldn’t hide, even more if you are a female journalist.”

She is aware of how our generation has broken the rules of tradition. We consume information in a different way, our values and the way we understand our society are more open than before.

“For example Operación Triunfo, a reality show produced by the stuck in the past public television, has given visibility to a new generation that is changing the rules of the game. We even feel old if we hear how youngsters 13 or 14 years old define themselves as polyamory and genderqueer. However, there are still people and media who ignore this reality.”

March has been an historical month for women and Anna has lived it with the emotion of a kid the night before Christmas. The 8th March she was part of the historical feminist strike that paralyzed Spain, and during the day she participated in activities with feminist associations, always paying attention to what was going on on social media.

“I had an strange but exciting feeling knowing that we were all doing something historic. The protest was full of young girls with feminist slogans. It was a very important day.”

#quieroynopuedo is a hashtag that became viral for Women’s Day through which women could express why they couldn’t go on strike.

Before that day, Anna spent a lot of time preparing articles about feminism and against sexism. She is developing a very important educational work to raise awareness on what is and what is not feminism.

“Feminism is not a movement we have created. It already existed before we got here and it will continue to exist because we haven't reached gender equality."

Anna always gets inspired by real-life women like her mother or her grandma. But also by her friends’ posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Something she calls 'a new narrative' that makes her laugh, cry and think.



You can listen to Anna's podcast on Soundcloud, iVoxx and iTunes.