Amaya Valdemoro: “Everyone has a talent, identify it is the key"

Amaya Valdemoro is the best Spanish basketball female player of all time. Withdrawal after 22 years playing in Spain and the US, among others, she has now adopted the journalist role.

At laagam we admire her capacity of effort and resistance; surrendering does not fit with Amaya’s personality. Dreams will be achieved if we are constant 24/7. Amaya said that we should run away from stereotypes and show ourselves as we are.

“Vulnerability, fear and perseverance: these are three key words for me”.

The sportist professional life is super sacrificed. Moreover, female sports is considered a minority sport, a sport that does not generate resources because it has little visibility; although, it has started to change.

“As sportists, we lose out a lot but we live experiences that nobody can live”.

“My withdrawal was very hard; a professional athlete has a structured life and nowadays it has changed a lot. Now, in my day-to-day, I have to be updated about basketball news but I love it”.

Moreover, Amaya is active in social media trying to be as transparent as possible showing herself as she is.

Amaya has had difficulties while finding clothes and especially shoes. She loves fashion but she loves her sporty style: you do not need to wear heels to feel you feminist.

"All my life I have worn tracksuits so I want to be comfortable”.