Alejandra Meler: “I try to think if I would wear it or not”

Alejandra Meler is an entrepreneur based in Barcelona known to be the founder of Robin Collection, an online bikini Brand.

At Laagam we really support powerful and determined woman, and she fits perfectly into this description. Not to mention we are huge fans of her bikinis.

Alejandra studied ADE at the University of Barcelona and took some fashion courses at Felicidad Duce.

“I always thought I’d work in business , but I wanted to do something related to fashion as I’ve always been very passionate about it. I really don’t know If I would have chosen to make bikinis but it’s what life has given me. "

She started up sewing bikinis at home for herself until she saw that people started getting interested on her pieces. That’s when she partnered up with his brother to formally create the brand we know today.

Her brand is online based, and recognizes that social networks have been a great help when she wanted to communicate her work.

"We have to thank Instagram for everything that has done for us.  It has helped us grow, communicate and expand our brand and ideas.”

Alejandra believes in the importance of naturalness.  She doesn’t like to use Instagramers or professional models for her campaigns, but rather to use regular girls so that her clients can feel identified and see themselves wearing her bikinis.

When it’s time to create, her major inspiration comes from herself.  She tries to create things she and her clients would wear, rather than getting influence from other brands.

“I try to think if my clients would wear it, or not, or more like if I would wear it or not”.

Recently she has hired a few more people on her team to help her and brother. The brand keeps growing and what started as a game is not anymore.

Alejandra has recently become a mom and to the end of the conversation shares her thoughts about the paper of women at work and how we are slowly starting to make some progress.

“You don’t simply disappear because you become a mom. I started working just 15 days after giving birth.”