We’re a small (but ambitious!) brand based in Barcelona and founded in 2017.

Our mission is to inspire women to take the world by storm by designing accessible luxury fashion.

We believe the way we present ourselves to the world is a vital projection of who we are. Even if fashion can seem materialistic, even nihilistic, we truly support the idea that it has the power to boost self-esteem. The power to inspire.

We’re a feminine and feminist brand, founded by a woman (@ines_arroyo) and with women making up 80% of the team.

This is not an afterthought measure but something natural: if our clients are women, the ones working for them should be women. We still don’t get why an industry targeting women only has 14% of them in leadership positions.

We’re far from perfect but we’re always learning: our motto is ‘better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow’.

So even if there are many things we should improve, the least we can do is to be fully transparent. Reckoning our faults and mistakes is hard but fair for our boss: you.

Here you’ll know how we try to minimize our impact on the planet (vegan-approved, plastic-positive, carbon-neutral), that we pay 100% of our taxes in the country that supports us (Spain) and where do we produce (Spain, Portugal and China).


Vegan-approved: no animals harmed

We have the official seal of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the largest animal rights organization in the world, that no animal is used or harmed to produce any of our products.

Plastic-positive: collecting 50.000 kg of plastic  

Yes we do use plastic. We use it as a substitute for animal leather and as a substitute for water-consuming cotton. But even if these are positive advantages, it comes with a cost: our oceans.

We still can’t offer fully recycled products at an attractive price-point (we’re working on it!) but at least we want to make sure that our economic activity has a positive impact.

So we partnered with Plastic Bank, a Canadian foundation reducing the amount of plastic waste in the oceans while also helping to alleviate poverty in developing countries.






For every 1KG of plastic we use for our products, we fund Plastic Bank to collect 1.5KG from the oceans. They do so by paying people in developing communities for collecting plastic waste.

This plastic is recycled, verified as ethically sourced “Social Plastic” and then sold to corporate clients to fund local communities in Philippines, Haiti and Indonesia.

Our objective is to collect 50.000kgs during the next two years, the equivalent to 1 million bottles of plastic. Every purchase you make is a step forward towards this goal.

Carbon-neutral: offsetting our anual CO2 print

We’re a Digital Native Brand, which means most of our orders are made online. While ecommerce is wonderful because it lets us operate worldwide and offer you a convenient and affordable service, it has a hidden cost for the planet: transportation.

Products have to travel from our factories to our central warehouse in Madrid and then to your houses. This extra trip has an impact on our air and our health. To offset this extra pollution we add because of our activity, we partnered with Carbon Fund.

Through them, we fund third-party validated projects that offset the same amount (or more) of CO2 we produce in order to make our carbon print neutral.

Taxes: made and paid in Spain

We believe that the best Corporate Social Responsibility is to pay taxes: we’re made in Spain, but more importantly we pay taxes in Spain.

The best way to give back to society is by paying our fair share to fund public education, healthcare for all and social services. A cohesive society is a society that helps drive businesses.

In our case, we wouldn’t be here without the support of ENISA, the Spanish public agency supporting entrepreneurship by giving flexible loans.

For all these reasons we joined Knowcosters, a foundation tracking those companies that support the Welfare State.






Production: Spain, Portugal and China

We believe fashion should stop being a top-down industry; we don't believe in a model where a few dictate the majority what they must wear.

Our objective is to democratize the access to quality fashion and to socialize the design process by using the collective intelligence of all of us.

With your help, it takes us only one month to launch a new product. Thanks to you we can have new pieces almost every week.

Once designs are approved we make small batches to minimize consumption and investment. If you vote for them (by making the first orders) we make small restocks to cover initial demand: but we stop before the tipping point of massification to guarantee a certain degree of exclusivity.

Covid19: supporting healthcare workers

We have designed, produced and donated thousands of units in materials (masks and hospitals gowns) to help Spanish healthcare workers overcome the lack of resources during the worst days of coronavirus.