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If you only have one sweater, it’s cashmere. You leave the party at its peak. You may not have a big diamond on your finger, but you might have a great book under your arm. You do everything with a studied carelessness; you make it look easy when it’s not.

We create your signatures essentials under our own brand designed and made in Europe with love. Visit our marketplace and get inspired with the coolest outfits from the brands and boutiques we believe in. If you fall in love: go ahead, buy them and wear forever.

Counting style, not followers. We work hand in hand with the new wave of magnetising girls who make the internet quake. They help us discover new brands and unique ways to combine eclectic outfits.

Buy better, wear more.

Think of your purchase as the beginning of a relationship with our pieces. It starts with the selection of premium materials, it’s carried on by the people who design the clothes and finally those who stitch them together. You become part of something greater when you acquire a laagam piece, and from that point on, that piece of clothing is your responsibility—it was created for you, it’s yours to wear and to care for.

laagam prides itself in working only with long-established, independent workshops with the highest standards of quality and the finest garments. European family-owned ateliers with lasting relationships with the best designers are now accessible to everyone through our affordable luxury.



The world makes 100 billion of clothing pieces every year, but there's only 7 billion of us. 71% of fashion's pollution comes from production, the equivalent to 10% global CO2 and 20% of total water consumption.

There's an opportunity to create value for all (planet, clients and company) by pivoting away from the current unsustainable model thanks to on-demand: producing only what we'll be used.

We launch new products every Wednesday, only producing what you buy. We minimize costs, making our prices more attainable while reducing our environmental impact.

A new approach to sustainability in fashion: what is good the planet is good for you.



Our mission is to inspire you to take the world by storm by creating bold fashion. We aim to empower all the dazzling people which believe in the power of fashion.

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Reduce, recycle, reuse

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Recirculating our preloved materials.

We're not going to tell you we are 100% sustainable. Any business activity has an impact on our planet and you deserve to know that's the truth no matter what. Recognizing our imperfections, our impact, is the first step towards being a better brand.

Waste reduction is the path towards environmental neutrality. So we've partnered with RECOVO to extend the life of our fabrics. We've recicled our surplus fabrics to reduce the environmental impact and waste of the textile industry.

RECOVO is committed to circularity and the reuse of fabrics, and converts surplus fabrics into raw material for other companies.